Gems and Jewellery



Jewellery Design and Manufacture

At Zion, Andrew and Christelle will personally consult with you, design your dream piece of jewellery and hand-craft it with care and precise craftsmanship gained through years of experience! A particular field of expertise we have is that of designing one-of-a-kind, unique jewellery items.L here.

Insurance Valuations

It is vital for insurance purposes to have your jewellery inspected and revalued at least once every two years, not only for insurance purposes and proof of ownership, but also to prevent damage and loss of stones. We will photograph your jewellery piece(s) and provide your valuation certificate.

Grading and Selection of Diamonds or Precious Stones

With diplomas in Diamond and Gem Grading as well as coloured stone identification, Andrew provides an expert opinion on jewellery. He studied at the Gem Education Centre in Johannesburg and has expert knowledge on the 4 C’s of jewellery design - colour, cut, clarity and carat as well as shape, inclusions, blemishes, beauty and depth of diamonds and precious stones, thus ensuring the perfect purchase.

Jewellery Repair and Remodelling

Remodelling of old, unused jewellery into new and exciting designs is our specialty. Let us restore your precious piece to its original beauty, from general repairs such as soldering, resizing, and restringing of pearls, to engravings.

3D Computer aided design (cad).

Laser welding

With the latest in CAD-technology, we can design your exclusive piece in the finest detail and illustrate it to you in 3D before we commence production.

With innovations in laser welding technology, jewellery previously classed unrepairable may now be restored. This is due to an intensely focused laser beam, which reduces heat transfer to an area as small as 0.02mm. Now you may be wondering, why is this so great? Because there is no open flame being used to solder on the precious item, the laser beam reduces the risk of damaging any precious or semi-precious stones that could be set in the jewellery item.