Inspired Jewellery Design



Zion Jewellery is a South African jewellery designer and manufacturer, offering bespoke design and hand-crafted production of jewellery that you will love and treasure for a lifetime.  We believe that jewellery is part and parcel of your individuality and therefore its design should be distinctively you.


Our training in Diamond and Gem Grading as well as colored stone identification at the Gem Education Centre in Johannesburg gives us the expertise to guide our customers on colour, cut, shape, clarity, inclusions, blemishes, carat, beauty and depth of diamonds and precious stones to ensure you make the perfect jewellery investment.


Our design process involves working through design ideas together with you or to work with a design of your choice to formulate something unique, whereafter we manufacture your jewellery items with care and precise craftsmanship gained through our many years of experience in the jewellery trade.  We have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture in gold, silver and platinum for the full array of precious stones i.e. diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, as well as semi-precious stones.


Our design process is tailored around you, where we:


1. Consult with you face to face so that we may discuss your dreams and expectations.

2. Design a rough sketch of the piece.

3. Refine the design to craft the piece to your satisfaction.

4. Source only the finest materials and stones.

5. Finally commence crafting your personalized piece.


In addition to our jewellery design services, we offer insurance valuations, jewellery remodelling, jewellery repairs, grading and selection of diamonds and gemstones, 3D Computer aided design and lazer welding.  Our custom made jewellery offers our customers the scope to create a piece that is unique, personal and as individual as they are.